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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." >> stay with us for "good morning america." ican closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc . >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at justin herman plaza in san francisco. an attempt by demonstrators to reoccupy part of this plaza ended with protesters being chased across the street, police in hot pursuit. the story coming up. federal appeals court hearings arguments in a challenge to the judge who struck down california's ban on same-sex marriages. transportation leaders expected to approve a 700 million dollar contract for construction at the bart extension to san jose. here's a look at downtown san francisco, the air is clear. patchy fog for your commute. poor air spread to more of the bay area.
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i'll show you that. freeway closure in palo alto, 101 details, enjoy this live shot of traffic flowing well across the bay bridge. good morning i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze, nice to have you. occupy protesters are trying to reopen justin herman plaza this morning. a day after police tore down the two month encampment, the sometimes tense standoff continues. terry mcsweeney is there live. >> reporter: right now things are calm. a lot of police cars, but not a show of force as we saw last night. if you are looking behind me you can see some are still camping out down here not in the area where the tents were set up over on the fringe where there about tents they are just sleeping. we came down market street a short time ago in front of the federal reserve building we noticed two or three dozen
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protesters sleeping in front of the building. no tents there, but it looked like this encampment used to look. last night there was action down here. protesters wanted to set up a tent, symbolic, just one, in justin herman plaza they've been trying to do that all night. last night, a few hours ago, as they tried to do it, police said you can't have the tent there. protesters picked up the tent and ran across the embarcadero. police in pursuit. police ended up tracking down the protesters and the tent. they grabbed the tent. as far as we know there were no further arrested. police are making it a point to say there were no arrests some were detained in cuffs then released after they were reminded of the law they were breaking. >> we made some admonishments because of the fact they said they did not know the park was closed. therefore, when the people were detained, it was in the best interest to admonish and
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educate them as opposed to arrests. >> reporter: last night the scene was tense for a while. there were some folks on a bullhorn and protesters were repeating whatever the person on the bullhorn was saying. much of it not positive for the police department. dozens of police down here, perhaps 200 demonstratorses at its peak. protesters at one point -- moved back into the part of plaza they had been occupying until early yesterday morning when police kicked them out arresting 70 last night police moved in again and removed these people one person was injured. we don't know the extent of the injury or how that happened. police are saying that of the people they detained they were released. the scene right now is calm, a person with a picket sign marching, some sleeping, not many. the main focus seems to be at the federal reserve building, two or three dozen setting up tables, no tents.
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terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. oakland police department has posted several video and audio files as well as dispatch records from the protests in october and november. in one of the clips some of the officers in riot gear are pelted with paint during a protest. two clips appear to have been recorded from cameras attached to officers of the police department says the web page was created to share audio and visual recordings of the events as they happened. police posted a link to the police website on abc7 news do the -- s did at oakland children's hospital believe -- doctors at oakland's children's hospital believe hiram lawrence is brain dead and should be taken off life support. the family is pleading for more time. the toddler was shot in the head last week one of several shot in front of a west oakland liquor store.
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the bay citizen reports investigators state shooting was result of a feud between gangs from ancorn and campbell village. police have five persons of -- in custody none have been charged. u.s. court of appeals in san francisco set to hear arguments in two lingering issues involving legal showdown over california's ban on same-sex marriage. becomers of prop asked a court to set aside the ruling by judge walker they claimed he was bias when declaring the ban unconstitutional because he did not disclose he was in a long term same-sex relationship. another judge rejected those arguments which will now be heard on appeal. also on whether video and audio recordings of the trial should be made public. lower court ruled in september the material be unsealed. valley transportation authority expected to approve a 772 million dollar
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construction contract the next to last step before work can begin on the bart extension from fremont to san jose. the vta is becked to approve a bid -- is expected to approve a bid more than 75 million dollars under the estimated cost the group says it can finish by late 26 . more than a year ahead of the -- by 2016 more than a year ahead of the projected schedule. if it receives federal aid construction could begin next spring. a warning for pet owners in the sunset district of san francisco police investigate a case of suspected poisoning. a family lost its puppy and cat within hours of each other sunday the animals had been in the family's fenced in backyard when they got sick the dog died at -- died at the vet and the cat had to be euthanized. a test showed methadone in the systems.
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police say owners should keep an eye on animals. driver in custody after leading police in a chase that ended in a crash in pittsburg last night the suspect's car hit a car driven by a woman. the suspect's head hit the windshield. crews took him to the hospital. the woman was also taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries. the chase began after officers pulled the suspect over for erratic driving then discovered the car was stolen. producers of mythbusters are apologizing for a botched science experience in the east bay. the stars of the show visited a dublin neighborhood yesterday to see the results of their experiment gone bad. tuesday a cannonball was lunched -- was launched but it missed its target and smashed through a nearby home. >> this is the worst thing we can imagine happening. i have kids of my own. i have a house of my own i
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can't imagine how angry i would be. >> they are saying this is unfortunate. i'm like, you know, i didn't know this was happening here these kind of experiments. >> the airborne cannonball traveled 3300 feet and hit two homes and a van. the property owners say the show has promise today take care of the damage. the firing range is now closed pending investigation. it is cold out there. 4:38. but we shouldn't use our fireplaces. >> spare the air. >> you got it with >> it lasts until midnight it has spread the poor air quality all of us are under the spare the air poor air quality out of the north bay now hits coast and central bay and inland areas of the east bay. south bay and santa clara valley. that's their way of putting people into one section or another depending on the poor air quality. let's talk about what else you
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are going to deal with. along 101 less than a quarter mile visibility in novato the same in santa rosa everybody else okay with patches of fog forming the thickest up in 101 now thankfully your temperatures are above freezing. high pressure still dominating hazy sun at 8:00, ought to make for a beautiful sunrise, pretty much in the 30s, 40s we may still be around 28 in napa, the cool spot. low to mid 50s towards the lunch hour. >> by the afternoon, 4:00, hazy sun, temperatures hanging around mid to upper 50s. i think tomorrow will be a spare the air day too. i see hints of rain tuesday, possibly wednesday. good morning. 101 still closed in both directions in palo alto, due to overnight roadwork should be cleared by 5:00 this
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morning. there are detours in place. heading northbound embarcadero you can get back on at university it is adding an extra five minutes or so to your trip. 280 possible alternate. since it is spare the air day, bart, cal train, ace and muni reporting no delays, mass transit is a good way to go. >> 4:40. hp throws a curve into the tablet war. where you can get a touch pad for just 99 bucks. san jose sharks fight a battle off the ice. how the team is helping families in ne [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon
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live look at the embarcadero ferry building lit up, looks beautiful. as for the weather, looks cold to me. >> and it feels cold to me. that's a good one. you mentioned christmas, if you wanted an ipad and can't
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afford one hp is offering one final opportunity to get its discounted tablet. a memo leaked to several tech sites says hp will release a final batch of its touch pad at 99 dollars on ebay. the devices were sold at that price this summer. they sold out quickly. the new memo says these will be refurbished and will hit ebay 6 p.m. on december left. you've heard of swimming with the sharks how about -- skating with them. last night several families got to hit the ice. >> reporter: the san jose sharks deliver a holiday gift on ice. >> our players and staff have adopted 42 families and fulfilled their christmas wish list. >> reporter: the annual party bringing smiles to severing children and their families who are part of the healthy
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start family support center. the night was what gloria and her family needed. >> i went through breast cancer and things were real tough. this has been a blessing for my family and my kids. >> reporter: her boys got to skate with -- [ inaudible ] got to skate with players, they did arts and crafts and -- [ inaudible ] >> just sitting and having dinner with them is the best part. >> reporter: what do you talk about when you have dinner with a professional hockey player? he knew what to say to his shark. >> we talked about how he was a really good athlete and we were a fan. >> reporter: after dinner came the presents. >> i got a watch, i liked it. >> maybe we will open one. we'll save the rest for
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christmas. >> christmastime is a great time to give back to see the joy is good. 4:45. shelfing the morning after pill for teens. the nation's top health official overrules the fda's plans. arrested again. another man accuses jerry sandusky of sexual abuse. the neighborhood's plan to preserve -- >> out of this world headquarters. you have seen the outside now hear what the company says employees will ed3q you disgust me. prove it.
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what do you i -- say we try to find winter cold. mid 40s boston, new york and d.c. where we should be. low 40s around seattle and
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portland. we'll look at all the green on the map from the east coast, midwest back to our neighborhoods, all major airports on time. flight tracker at the bottom of the page at 4:48. penn state former assistant football coach jerry sandusky spent the night in jail after new child sex abuse charges were filed. he now faces more nan 50 charges for 15 years of alleged assault on boys in his home on penn state property and elsewhere. >> reporter: jerry sandusky is looking for a way out of prison this morning after failing to post $250,000 bail. the former penn state assistant football coach was handcuffed and arrested wednesday afternoon on new child sex abuse charges. he now faces more than 50 counts of sexual abuse. >> jerry is scratching his head saying what is next?
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i said don't ask that question. >> reporter: two new accusers paint a terrifying picture of what went on in his basement. where victim number 9 told the grand jury that sandusky ordered him to stay. the boy says he ate meals in the basement brought to him by sandusky. new details about his wife and what she did or did not do to stop it. victim 9 was 10 to 12-years-old during the alleged attack and testified that sandusky's wife was in the house but never came downstairs. at least once he screamed for help knowing his wife was upstairs, but no one came to help. >> i didn't do those things. >> reporter: last week jerry sandusky told "the new york times" he had done nothing illegal. denials that seem only to fuel the accusers' pain and outrage. >> first he serial -- serially
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abused my client then he has to hear sandusky deny he did those things. >> reporter: sandusky said to come face-to-face with at least eight accusers next tuesday. as of now all are expected to testify. 4:50. the nation's health secretary has ruled that young teenagers will not be allowed to buy the morning after pill without a prescription. now only women 17 and older can buy plan b without a doctor's prescription. the fda was preparing to lift that age limit and let plan be be -- plan b, be sold over-the-counter. kathleen sebelius overruled the agency she oversees. she is concerned young girls wouldn't understand how to use plan b without guidance. scientists say they've found the single most powerful piece of evidence yet that there was once water on mars.
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ójere was once water on mars. has discovered a broad range of minerals near the edge of a crater, among them calcium sulphate or gypsum. the rover opportunity has been coloring mars for eight years. >> and you laugh at the little green men idea. >> we are all turning blue this morning from how coal it is in some places. >> almost as cold as mars. >> not quite. >> since they have gypsum there they can build houses. sheetrock, whatever you want to call it. fascinating in all light of it. it is cold again, good morning. let's talk about how we see haze from emeryville across the bay golden gate bridge towards san francisco poor air quality the big story. the way it is spreading
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throughout the bay. only the south bay which according to the bay area air quality management district anywhere south of the san mateo bridge into the santa clara valley the only ones without poor air quality this morning also santa cruz mountains. please, a heed if you have respiratory problems everywhere else. fog another big sorry 101 socked in, novato less than a quarter mile visibility. good news around napa, 29 so it is below freezing, no fog there to turn into black ice. temperatures in inland valleys mid to upper 30s same fremont, redwood city, south bay. around the monterey bay and salinas mid to upper 30s gilroy 29. spare the air today. unhealthy air is spreading. spare the air lasts until
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midnight. minimal changes through the weekend. a few hints of scattered showers for next week. 59 milpitas, low 60s rest of the south bay. upper 50s to near 60 for the peninsula. mid to upper 50s along the coast. mid to upper 50s downtown into south san francisco, 56 sausalito, mid 50s to bodega bay. upper 50s throughout the east bay shore. into the east bay valleys mid to upper 50s today. monterey bay carmel 56, upper 50s for the bay, inland low 60s. slightly warmer through the central valley low to mid 60s, cooler tahoe 47, mid to upper 60s around san diego, los angeles and palm springs. tonight mid to upper 30s inland valleys again. moisture does increase as i think, we may see more fog
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tomorrow. it is a spare the air until midnight 40s oakland, san mateo, half moon bay, richmond, everyone else in the 30s tomorrow morning. i think tomorrow will be a spare the air day also. saturday looking iffy. sunday, tuesday into wednesday hints of rain just hints now. you were telling us about fog in novato and santa rosa. this is in san rafael, it is a little foggy here as well southbound traffic on the right. no major problems now in marin county as you make your way to san francisco, another live shot for you golden gate bridge air clearer, traffic still light around the bay area. also, you won't have a wait at the bay bridge toll, head to the san mateo bridge and show you what it looks like
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westbound on the right, eastbound light into hayward. better news on the peninsula, 101 reopened, roadwork has been cleared in palo alto at embarcadero and university. get the latest information by going to could changes be coming to tower. the group filed paperwork with the department of elections yesterday. members may murals are chipping and the city needs to be a better steward of the property. money is being put aside for maintenance but not taking private events off the table. apple relacing more details about the new so-called space ship campus in cupertino. the name comes from the look of the building the main
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building will be covered with [ unintelligible ] photo vol kay i can panels, -- it will be environmentally friendly and have a cafe, fitness center and auditorium. apple cam put two is expected to open in 2015. governor brown and first lady ann brown are set to induct the sixth class of honorees at the california museum hall of fame in sacramento tonight. this year's list includes carlos santana, basketball superstar magic johnson. best selling novelist amy tamm mike love, buzz aldrin and doris fisher. occupy evictions round two.
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all-night face off, skirmishes with police as protesters try to retake justin herman plaza. we are there live with the latest. >> reporter: oakland toddler may be taken off life support today. police are watching carefully. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. next what officers are worried about. major pay concession san jose police are willing to make to protect their jobs. beth!
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